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Why we recommend what we sell...

Supplements Required to Express Health and Vitality

**Understand that sufficient amounts of fish oil and Probiotics cannot be consumed, no matter how good your diet is, and therefore are two supplements that are absolutely required for optimal health**

** All the brands I recommend are third party tested
    -A third party assay is where the company that makes the product has another company come in and test their product for purity, quality, composition, and potency.

** The fish oils I sell and recommend are burp free, meaning you won't have fishy burps.
I recommend five brands of FISH OILS:
1) Innate Choice
2) Ortho Molecular
3) Arctic Oils
4) Metagenics
5) Carlson Labs

I offer Innate Choice through my practice.

The pills are a little large so if you don't think your kids will swallow them then Ortho Molecular makes a fish oil called Orthomega pearls  that is in chewable form and orange-berry flavored.  (Available at DFC)  (DHA and EPA = fish oils)
              -Adults should take 1-2 grams a day 
 -Kids can have up to a gram or more
              *Individuals with arthritis should take 3-5 grams a day

•    Deficiency in fish oils is implicated in nearly all common illness and causes of disease related deaths
•    Deficiency in fish oils is a large factor in development of learning and behavior problems such as ADHD as well as vision, digestive and skin disorders.
•    It is the main component in brain development, the nervous system, and EVERY cell membrane in your body!!
•    Fish oils make cells more flexible or fluid and slippery.  This ensures the flow of blood through vessels decreasing risk of high blood pressure, stroke and heart attacks. 
o    The fluidity is also crucial to ensure the proper flow of nutrients into cells as well as the proper shape of receptors for hormones such as insulin.  (Insulin sensitivity - diabetes) 
•    Fish oils are required for proper nerve signal transmission, which impacts memory, concentration, cognitive ability, muscle coordination and strength, as well as immune function including defense against cancer. 
o    Realize that cancer is an immune dysfunction; you constantly have cells that could become cancerous that your immune system destroys.
•    Fish oils improve cognitive retention
•    Deficiency of fish oils in teens and adults has been shown to be a causal factor in breast, colon, and prostate cancers, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, skin disorders, digestive disorders, chronic pain, vision problems, hormonal problems and pregnancy complications including improper fetal development, premature birth and postpartum depression etc etc.
•    Fish oils modify LDL cholesterol particles to make them less damaging and increases HDL
•    Taking fish oil can improve calcium absorption and increase bone formation
•    Deficiency in fish oils has been shown to be correlated with increased incidence and severity of both osteoporosis and osteoarthritis
•    Fish oils help to decrease inflammation in the body = excellent for people with arthritis; a natural anti inflammatory that CAN be taken long term without any side effects. 
•    Kids who supplement with fish oil have been shown to have less allergies, less eczema, learn better, and be less likely to have ADD or ADHD.

Inflammation is at the root of virtually all of the common chronic illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, depression, as well as autoimmune diseases such as Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, arthritis, IBS, psoriasis, eczema, allergies, fibromyalgia, lupus, and MS.  Inflammation is also a major factor in menstrual pain.

It's all about the ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3.  The higher the level of Omega 6 there is in your body, the more inflammation that is present within the body---The average diet is 20:1 Omega 6 dominant; 4:1 is a healthy ration, 1:1 is an optimum ratio

Flax (ALA) is also an omega 3 fatty acid like fish oil, and I believe it has health benefits, although all studies showing health benefits have come from fish oil.  Furthermore your body must convert the ALA to EPA and DHA and this is not an efficient process.

**Fish oil provides 200X more EPA and DHA per gram than flax**
         ----Trust me everyone should be on a Fish Oil supplement----

Food for thought here-If the structure and function of every cell requires fish oil it is easy to see how your immune function, healing, hormone levels, heart function, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, digestion, moods etc can be affected positively with adequate amounts of fish oil in your diet.

Fish oils play a role in the colonization of the digestive tract with Probiotics

The PROBIOTICS I recommend (both are available through me or online):
•    Theralac
o    Theralac comes 30 pills/bottle
o    Begin by taking one daily for 2 weeks, and then you only need to take two per week.  (Thirty caps last 10-15 weeks)
•    Innate Choice
o    Innate Choice comes 60 caps/bottle, and you should take 2 a day (30 day supply)

I recommend taking the probiotic first thing in the morning although they can be taken anytime with or without food.

All Probiotics should be kept in the fridge at all times if possible.

If pills are a problem for kids they can be opened and the powder inside added to their food.  (Preferably a non acidic food)

***Infants will get probiotics and fish oil from mom's breast milk as long as mom is not deficient and is taking her supplement***


•    If you take an antibiotic it can take up to a year to get your gut bacteria back in check
o    Antibiotics can be found in the meat we eat.
o    These days there are antibiotic formulas for just about everything from household cleaners to soap and hand wipes.
•    There are trillions of bacteria in your gut ~ 10x more than you have cells in your body.
•    Chlorine in water kills bacteria in your gut
•    C section births decrease the amount of bacteria a baby is exposed to at birth. The bacteria that an infant is exposed to in the birth canal are paramount to the maturation of the baby's immune system.  It is the first bacteria that the baby is exposed to; therefore the key is that the mom has proper bacteria.
•    The bacteria in your gut are responsible for making many of the nonessential vitamins you need.
o    They are a huge component in your immune system to fight off colds and diseases.
•    We now consume one-millionth of the healthy probiotic bacteria that we did before pesticides, herbicides, and industrial farming.
•    Much of the healthy bacteria we have are destroyed by eating sugars, grains, and consuming alcohol, antibiotics, and other prescription drugs.
•    Deficiency in probiotics is a causal factor in alarming numbers of preventable illnesses.
•    Probiotics directly protect us from infection by competing with the unhealthy bacteria, viruses and fungi we are exposed to.

Probiotics are great for:
o    Irritable bowel
o    Lactose intolerance
o    Travelers' diarrhea
o    Constipation or poor elimination
o    During and after antibiotic use
o    Certain food allergies
o    Weak immune response
o    Heartburn and poor digestion
o    Poor nutrient absorption etc.
o    Prevent kidney stone formation
o    Prevent colon cancer
o    Prevention of cardiovascular disease
o    Prevent systemic infections by augmenting the immune system via the GALT system
    41% decrease in infections/colds/flu
o    Prevent breast and prostate cancer as well as cardiovascular disease via the hormone enterolacone (a phytoestrogen) produced by the bacteria in your gut.
**It takes approximately one year for enterolactone to be found in the blood in any measurable amount after only four days of antibiotic use. 
•    Probiotics should be taken daily if planning a trip outside the country
•    You can and should take Probiotics while on antibiotics. 
o    Only take antibiotics if absolutely necessary (They kill both bad and good bacteria)
o    It is a good idea to take the antiobiotic and the probiotic two hours apart

*****This is the single most important supplement people should take******

 Without Fish oil or Probiotics cells cannot function properly and illness is inevitable even though it could take years before symptoms arise.  You don't catch diabetes or heart disease you develop them from staying in a state of inflammation (stress) for a long time.


1)    Vitamin D3 - Usually you get all the vitamin D you need from exposure to the sun, although in North Dakota we make vitamin D only two or so months out of the year from sun exposure.   The use of sunscreen limits the amount of sunlight reaching the skin.  D3 (cholecalciferol) NOT D2, should be used to supplement with.  3000IU is optimal.
2)    Multivitamin -Necessary mainly due to poor American diet.
3)    Pomegranate Juice (only 2-4 ounces a day - POM wonderful is good brand) it is an awesome Antioxidant; significantly lowers blood pressure
4)    Females should take Folic acid
o    400 mcg can decrease breast and cervical cancer 50%
o    There is only about 200mcg or in most multivitamins
o    Folic acid is especially important in preventing some birth defects
5)    Males should take Zinc
o    shown to decrease prostate cancer and benign prostatic hypertrophy
6)    B-complex - excellent for all around health.

There are only 30,000 genes in your body and vitamin D has been shown to influence over 2,000 of them. That is one of the primary reasons it influences so many diseases (as seen in the table below).  Deficiency of vitamin D can impact all 36 organs.
 Cancer                         Hypertension                 Heart disease
 Autism                         Obesity                          Rheumatoid arthritis
 Diabetes 1 and 2          Multiple Sclerosis          Crohn's disease
 Flu                               Colds                            Tuberculosis
 Septicemia                   Aging                             Psoriasis
 Eczema                        Insomnia                        Hearing loss
 Muscle pain                 Cavities                          Periodontal disease
 Athletic performance    Macular degeneration     Myopia
 Pre eclampsia               Seizures                         Fertility
 Asthma                        Cystic fibrosis                 Migraines
 Depression                  Alzheimer's disease          Schizophrenia

In the United States, the late winter average vitamin D is only about 15-18 ng/ml, which is considered a very serious deficiency state. Meanwhile, it's thought that over 95 percent of U.S. senior citizens may be deficient, along with 85 percent of the American public.
**Given that cancer, heart disease and diabetes are three of the top causes of death in the United States, ensuring that you are getting enough of this crucial vitamin should be a top priority.

Vitamin D has a protective effect against cancer in several ways, including:
• Increasing the self-destruction of mutated cells (which, if allowed to replicate, could lead to cancer)
• Reducing the spread and reproduction of cancer cells
• Causing cells to become differentiated (cancer cells often lack differentiation)
• Reducing the growth of new blood vessels from pre-existing ones, which is a step in the transition of dormant tumors turning cancerous
Studies show that you can decrease your risk of cancer by MORE THAN HALF simply by optimizing your vitamin D levels with sun exposure.
Optimizing vitamin D levels has been shown to decrease fibromyalgia by 82%, RA by 55%,  and 75% incidence of MS.  Infants with optimal vitamin D levels were 70% less likely for develop Type 1 diabetes.
The best test for vitamin D is the 25(OH)D AKA 25-hydroxyvitamin D.  Labcorp  uses the gold standard Diasorin test for checking vitamin D levels and is the lab I most highly recommend.  

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