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Formula for Permanent Change

Health Tip Of The Week...

Formula for Permanent Change

We can only shift what's happening to us, with us or for us by taking action. It is often necessary to stop doing something before we can start doing something else.  So, this week we are looking at what we can stop doing that is destroying our health before we start doing what would contribute to one's health.  Put on your thinking caps and decide how you can best help yourself.

What Can You Stop Doing To Grow Your Health?

One way of looking at this question, in the face of rising health problems and increasing drug use, is to seek out ways we are harming ourselves…and stop those activities, while also looking at what we can do to grow our health…and start doing those things.

As a child, you went out to play after school.  Do your children actually go out and play anymore?  How much exercise do your children get?  How much time do they have for exercise after computers, texting, cell phones, video games and TV?

And, what about you?  How much exercise does the average American office worker get after spending 8 hours every day tied to their office computer.  A sedentary lifestyle both at work and at home in front of the TV coupled with an abundance of fast food meals whose basic ingredient is fat and, when eating at a regular restaurant, dealing with the extremely huge portions has become known as the American Couch Potato Syndrome.

All of these factors and more contribute to the fattening of America resulting in an increasing range of illnesses all leading to a greater and greater reliance (addiction) to prescription drugs.

And, as we have exposed before, the drug industry has profited greatly from the fattening of America.  But, has our health improved?  Impossible when the number of drugs people take is rising and, along with it, more and more drug reactions and symptom chasing.  There must be a better way…are you willing?

The Bottom Line…The Bottom Line…The Bottom Line…

How can we reverse this growing health problem?  If you are affected, and aren't we all affected one way or another?  How can we help ourselves and the people we love the most?  What if we each took control and stopped taking it anymore?  What if we actually and consciously exercised ate properly, set good examples for our children, stopped eating fast food, received regular chiropractic care, drank plenty of water and had a home cooked meal every now and then?

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